Thursday, July 23, 2009

Intechclan : A Honest computer technicians for your data safety ?

This laptop technician was caught snooping on a female customer's pictures and personal files

Intechclan : Don't Trust Your Computer, laptop or the Irreplaceable Files On It To Just Anyone! Hiring the wrong computer repair guy or technician can not only be incredibly frustrating and expensive, but you could end up losing ALL of your irreplaceable files, photos, music, e-mails, and other important documents or a technician, stealing a computer data from your hard drive.......!!!! The predictable, though unfortunate truth is that not all computer technicians are upstanding citizens.

According to dailymail , Companies responsible for the repair with a "defective" laptop illegally snoop through a client and personal files to a treaty to their bank account. An investigation found low technical steal passwords, an overload of work and private metals by means of images of the laptop with the owner of a bikini.

Researchers from a new laptop with a cable connection with hidden cameras and spy software from operating without the knowledge engineers.

The laptop is not easy to recognize: a memory chip that stopped the computer.For running, the chip simply appeared to be back in position.

Researchers from the Sky News team has a six repair shops in London. The most serious is portable revival in Hammersmith, West London.

Shortly after the adoption of the actual debt, the engineer called to say that the team with a new motherboard, costs £ 130. During the course of the investigation, other techniques have been caught trying to reach customers online bank accounts and stolen passwords

Monitoring the software and was a technician for browsing the files on your hard disk, including intimate pictures of vacations, several researchers show that the sky in your bikini.

Since the technical snoop through files was filmed smiling and showing the images to a colleague. Later in the same shop, half technician for loading the machine to look through the photos - stored in a folder 'private'.

Smile, the technician loads the images on a memory of the device is kept around his neck - the software is full of similar pictures in a folder as' Mamma jamma "- street slang for women with large breasts.

A copy of a file with passwords for Facebook, Hotmail, eBay and NatWest bank.
Portable technicians

Once the technician has discovered this information, open a web browser on the laptop and tried to bank five minutes - not because the information was false.

Portable recovery refused to comment on the investigation.

An engineer in Digitech in Putney, south-west of London, the researcher also the photos on holiday - after looking over your shoulder.

An employee at the store said: "We saw the pictures to see if the memory is fully functional."

PC World repairer in Brentford, West London, told the investigators that the team needs a new motherboard, for an amount of £ 230.When the computer is collected only memory chip - it was not faulty - has been replaced.

PC World Anina Castle spokesman said:

"We have a fee of £ 230 in every aspect of security failures."

Micro Anvika on Tottenham Court Road, central London, which the laptop signal before saying more tests are needed. Will be charged £ 145 for a full review of the laptop.

The company has since apologized and returned some of the fees. Technical Computing Evnova in Barbican in the city of London was also a loss of memory chip and solid, but not before he also said that the need to replace the motherboard.

The offer of a new motherboard is rejected, it appeared that someone Evnova chip solder pins together to renegotiate the original debt.

The company later claimed that he thought the reporter was the repair of a competing company. Only a wine shop with a certificate of good health: Pix 4 in Shepherd's Bush, west London. The company was the chip in place, and free.

Richard Webb, marketing spokesperson for the Institute on the website of Commerce, said: It is a major breach of trust. If you are skilled in computers that are not at hand in the computer to be repaired. They know that. "

As far as my "advice" is to keep sensitive files on an external HDD.. Its going these days..!..., that way you don't have to take it in with the PC. Or if it's at home, then just disconnect it.

And make sure cleared your internet browser (firefox, IE, Opera etc ) cookies. Every web browser stores web pages, images, cookies, and other downloaded content on the computer. This is called the browser's cache. Clearing it before sent your computer to technician, Its can protect your privacy.:Intechclan

This footage reveals how one technician tried to get into a customer's on-line bank account

One technician charged £230 for motherboard but only replaced a memory chip

During the undercover investigation, other technicians were caught trying to get into customers' online bank accounts as well as stealing passwords

The laptop was examined by technicians at Digitech and PC World


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