Monday, December 30, 2013

Intechclan : Internet Download Manager ( IDM ) with a fake serial number error (solved)

Internet Download Manager ( IDM )  is a one of the best download manager software used in Malaysia and the entire world.

I am sure many of us are too much dependent on Internet Download Manager ( IDM ) . Im Also very like with this , Internet Download Manager ( IDM ) software. Before this my Internet Download Manager ( IDM ) was working fine with me.

But today, my Internet Download Manager ( IDM ) with the latest update version 6.17 build 10 (released on Sept/16/2013) , was literally had a breakthrough and crushed with the with this box error message

“…Internet Download Manager has been registered with a fake serial number…”

This error message, prompted every minute reminding, if you click OK then it will come out the registration form to enter a valid serial number, but we don’ have  the serial number….!

This usually happens after you upgrade a new version of Internet Download Manager…., is due to two kind of updated / upgraded :

1. Internet Download Manager ( IDM )  upgrade via auto update - Internet Download Manager ( IDM ) is always running with an internet connection.  When there are new updates  or new versions of Internet Download Manager ( IDM ), when your computer connect the internet and Internet Download Manager ( IDM ) is running, then the Internet Download Manager ( IDM )  will provide information if there are new versions of Internet Download Manager ( IDM ), you are given the choice to download a new version or not. SHOULD you do not download directly. Because automatically, after the download is complete, the new version of Internet Download Manager ( IDM )  will be installed to replace the old version, Internet Download Manager ( IDM ) result you get caught if the crack so it will be blocked and can not be used.

2. The process of installing Internet Download Manager ( IDM )  connected to the internet - While you download Internet Download Manager ( IDM )  not through auto updates, but from a site that provides download Internet Download Manager ( IDM ) patch along, but during the install process, your computer is still in a state connected to the internet, then you will be blocked because Internet Download Manager ( IDM )  caught using crack or patch. For that you should never install the Internet Download Manager ( IDM )  in the computer connected to the internet (but what a purpose of Internet Download Manager ( IDM ), if your computer don’t have a connected interned…?.. ;-) ).

That is the cause why your Internet Download Manager ( IDM )  suddenly blocked and can not be used. If that happens, no matter how many times you reinstall Internet Download Manager ( IDM ), no matter how many times you restart the computer and install it again, your IDM still will be blocked and will not be used until you enter a valid serial.

Many of the Internet Download Manager ( IDM ) users were experiencing the same problem and the most favorite solution was to edit the “c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts” file and file and setting the address of and similar domains to local host ….. go to control panel…restat ypur computer..…bla…bla..bla,,,its give you a long steps to the heaven..…..

After im google in the net, im got the other way is the simple and easiest way to cure Internet Download Manager ( IDM ) ….

Step  :

- Go to the installation folder of  Internet Download Manager ( IDM )
  “C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager”
- Rename the “IDMGrHlp.exe” to anything you want or just delete it.
- Done! ….. ;-)

Its solved your, “…Internet Download Manager has been registered with a fake serial number…” problem, but  wait!.. When every time you run Internet Download Manager ( IDM ), there would be a new popup box saying “IDM cannot find 1 files that are necessary for browser and system integration. Please reinstall IDM“. ….. ;-)… huhuhuhhuu…

But don’t worry im got a simple steps too…....To get rid of ,  this problem just:

- Go to the installation folder of Internet Download Manager ( IDM )
    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager”
- Made a copy or duplicated of the “idmBroker.exe”
- Renamed it to “idmBroker1.exe”  to “IDMGrHlp.exe“.
- Done! ….. ;-)

No... annoying message anymore!!! And Enjoy your Internet Download Manager ( IDM ),  download  lifestyle…….!!!  ;-) ....If like this porgram certainly buy it.......

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dropbox Number 1 Best Cloud Storage Services

Cloud storage services are so usefull & handy nowadays. It saves space on your computer, laptop , portable drive or gadget, smartphone / Android phone or compute dekstopr;

Cloud storage services syncs and backup all your files such as  document, pictures, video etc.throughout all your devices, its cross-platform compatibility and best of all, you can get storage space for free. Sharing big or multiple files is also made easy while it securely keeps your files away from public computers or when we are on mobile..

I'm love  Dropbox as a  no 1, Cloud storage services Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, documents, application, games, videos or all type of file, anywhere. It’s super easy to keep all your files in sync with their seamless web, mobile, handphone (Samsung , Iphone , Sony, HTC  & all type android phone)  and desktop applications.   Dropbox lets you bring all your photos, documentss and videos with you anywhere and share them easily.

Most of my files are still on my laptop , netbook and dekstop pc or phone and moving them back and forth isn't convenient... Luckily we have a great  Dropbox, this great tool has really helped  collaborate as a startup and has made many painful things remarkably easy.

To trey its..... Click  Dropbox to download ...and enjoy its...!!!!!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Today..!... Welcome to Windows 8 – The Future of Windows

Windows 8 -Download:

There has been a lot of speculation and anticipation surrounding Microsoft’s BUILD conference which started today in Anaheim, California. We can’t be there ourselves, so here’s a link to Winrumor’s liveblog, and be sure t 4: Windows pen and other input options improved.o check out their website for more exciting developments. We’re excited about the new stuff! Are you?

“Delivering Fast Boot Times in Windows 8″. To recognizes that boot time is one of the features most discussed about, and says the Windows division wants your boot to be as fast as possible. It comes as a welcome addition to the information that we’ve been given about Windows 8 – Windows 7 and its predecessors seem like lightyears behind Apple products in terms of booting up. I’m sure that everyone reading this post has encountered long periods of frustration as your computer restarts in what seems like an eternity.

Today, mornig Steven Sinofsky (the president of the Windows Division at Microsoft, as we all know by now) has posted another entry on the “Building Windows 8” blog, centered on the UI of Windows 8 and how the new Metro experience could affect consumers.

There is no doubt that Windows 7 has been a huge success. “Hundreds of millions of people rely on the Windows 7 UI and existing Windows apps and devices every day, and would value (and expect) us to bring forward aspects of that experience to their next PCs.” Sinofsky writes. He recognizes that Windows 7 powers business software, a wide variety of apps that people rely on, and provides a level of precision and control that is necessary for certain tasks. In other words, the desktop experience provides things that you can’t do as easily with a touch-only interface. Sinofsky points out that people don’t want to carry around two devices; those who have embraced tablets also usually own a laptop for those times when they need more precise control or need to use an application that is not/will not be available for use on tablets.

An important goal for Windows 8 he emphasizes is the harmony of the two UIs: one similar to Windows 7, and a Metro interface. The inception of Windows 8, he reveals, began in the summer of 2009, before Windows 7 shipped, and the goal? To completely reimagine Windows and asking some important questions: How do you attract a wide set of developers to a new platform? How can installing and removing applications be made painless and easy? How do you prevent applications from draining battery power? With these questions and more in mind, the building of Windows 8 began.

The bottom line is that Windows 8 brings together all the power and flexibility you have in your PC today with the ability to immerse yourself in a Metro style experience. There are no compromises. You carry on device that does everything you want and need, which is connectable to the peripherals you desire.

What do we think? I personally applaud Mr. Sinofsky; I agree wholeheartedly with his approach. I think we can all agree that no one uses tablets exclusively. Whether at work or at home, you have another PC. For more “heavy” tasks like modeling 3D objects or animating video, we automatically look to our desktop or laptop. Isn’t it peculiar that almost no one writes applications for a tablet on a tablet, while desktop programs are always written on a desktop? The unification of the tablet UI and the desktop experience is a necessary process and one that must be well thought out.

What do you, the readers and customers, think about Microsoft’s approach?

today is a big day for the Windows team. At the BUILD conference we are about to preview Windows 8. There’s a ton to see in the product and so we’d really encourage everyone to check out the available streams on, where we will webcast the keynote. The BUILD conference this week is focused on developers and hardware partners, and there are over 100 sessions (all of which will be available from the link above within about a day of the scheduled presentation time). In that sense it is good to keep in mind that today is the launch of the developer opportunity for Windows, not the launch of a product (and certainly not the launch of new devices).

Windows 8 represents a reimagining of Windows from the chipset to the experience. Since this is a week focused on developers, we also detailed the bold underpinnings of the re-imagination of the Windows platform, tools, and APIs. We will show off the opportunity to build applications for all of the customers of Windows 8, no matter what type of PC they have—from tablets to laptops to convertibles to desktops. We will show the brand new tools that allow you to code Metro style applications in HTML5/JavaScript, C/C++, and/or C#/XAML. The investments you have made as developers in all of these languages carry forward for Windows 8, which lets you choose how to best make use of the Windows 8 system services. We talked about Windows 8 being a no-compromise OS for end-users, and it is also a no-compromise platform for developers.

Many are interested in Windows 8 for ARM processors. Everything we showcased today at BUILD also runs on the ARM-based Windows PCs being created by ARM partners and PC manufacturers. Windows 8 running on ARM will ultimately be available with ARM-based hardware that you can purchase. ARM requires a deeper level of integrated engineering between hardware and software, as each ARM device is unique, and Windows allows this uniqueness to shine through. The new development tools enable you to start today to build Metro style applications that will seamlessly run on x86 (32 and 64 bit) or ARM architectures. Even if you use native C/C++ code, these tools will enable Metro style apps to target specific hardware if you choose. As new PCs become available for testing, PC manufacturers will develop seed programs for developers.

You probably want to try out the preview release—and you can. Starting later tonight you can download the Windows 8 Developer Preview. This includes a 64-bit (x64) build with development tools to build apps, and a 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) build without development tools. The releases also include a suite of sample applications (please note these are merely illustrations of potential apps, not apps that we intend to ship with Windows 8). The ISOs are linked to from

Upgrade from Windows 7 installation is not supported for pre-release code; only clean installs are supported. Reminder: this is a developer preview release and is not meant for production. It is not a beta release. We will be updating the release with various quality updates and drivers over the coming weeks/months just to exercise our overall update and telemetry mechanisms.

We’ve got a lot more blogging to do. So stay tuned. This blog continues to be a big part of the development process. Now we have a lot more shared context, and so we expect folks commenting on posts to be running the Preview so we share in the context of the release. Let’s keep comments focused on the topic at hand and we’ll pay attention for potential new topics. We know there will be a lot—that comes from reimagining a product used by a billion people!

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Exotic Salt Fisf & Coral Reefexotic the aquatic wonders

Walking into the aquarium and fish supply shop and are immediately dazzled by the colorful and intriguing display. There before your eyes is an almost unbelievable menagerie of exotic aquatic wonders like a anthias, butterflies, clownfish, cardinals, anemones, large angelfish, batfish etc.

Aquarium keeping is amongst the most popular of hobbies with millions of enthusiasts worldwide . Although most fish kept in aquariums are from freshwater, the acquisition of marine ornamental fish has greatly increased.

There is a popular and rapidly expanding trend in the hobby to establish marine reef mini-ecosystems within the aquarium. Reef tanks are saltwater aquariums that house or center principally on invertebrates and minimize the number of fish. A typical reef tank makes use of live rock, both hard and soft Live corals, invertebrates such as crustaceans like a crabs, hermit crabs, and shrimps or mollusks like a snails, clams, and scallops or echinoderms like a starfish, sand-dollars, and sea urchins and of course, the endless variety of colorful fish.

Consequently, the market value spent on many species of marine origin associated with the ornamental trade has greatly increased. It will be difficult to resist the temptation to pile in the angelfish, butterflyfish and anemones, but the beginning marine aquarist really should avoid these species, which are relatively fragile. The last thing you want is to spend a lot of time and money setting up your aquarium, only to have your fish sick and dying within a couple of weeks or months. Far better to start slowly, populate with hardier species, and get the hang of maintaining the appropriate marine environment with a group of aquatic pets that can survive your mistakes.

It should be noted that tank-breeding Exotic saltwater fish and marine reef specimens is a relatively new practice within the aquarium industry. It has only been in the past few decades that tank breeding has been seriously looked at as a means to supply the fish hobby trade.

A few Saltwater fish take readily to spawning in home aquariums. Both gobies and seahorses do not appear to let life in an aquarium interfere with the breeding process. Unfortunately, this is not the case with most saltwater species. Even in the spacious surroundings of public aquariums, the breeding of some saltwater species is unheard of. Perhaps it is that despite our best efforts to mimic their natural environment, certain fish instinctively realize that they are no longer in their native breeding grounds.

But for now, the learning curve is all ahead. Take your time, plot your course, and have lots of fun as the incredible marine world begins to come alive under your guidance. The saltwater aquarium, it's a hobby like no other.

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