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Intechclan : Nokia N97 moblie smartphone

Intechclan : The Nokia N97 has been eagerly awaited throughout the world since its introduction late last year since being promoted to become the next big thing in the mobile market by many observers. The phone is loaded with features and is intended to be a Herculean task to condense all the features and functions in a session so there is little room for waste.

Sliding tilt? : The first thing you notice about this model from Nokia is what officials call a "mobile-Tilt" phone. This means that one is inclined to push forward and upward for the mini-desktop look and it is excellent for all types of situations.

QWERTY keyboard has always been a requirement for a users as like to feel a fingers beneath the buttons when user writing an SMS, email or URL. This keyboard is a bit small for users big fingers. Beyond the QWERTY keyboard, the only button is the menu of traditional silver button. Side buttons include a lock button, volume control and enable / disable the camera.

It was a little concerned about the wear with the mobile-dependent tilt. Nokia has said that the hinge is made of very durable material and that the phone has passed vigorous performance and drop tests. You can say that it has exceeded you own tests of the accidental and the hinge has a look and feel very strong.

The only real problem with the physical characteristics of the N97 was the back cover and battery, which are too difficult to remove and replace. It is almost impossible to remove the battery without a curious mechanism. Tragic......

Online Explorer -sense : Built for the Internet, the N97 gives the most tangible of their home screen to movable and customizable widgets for quick access to your needs.

Users can post their specific widgets in rows and rows there are about five in total. It's really useful to have a link to online news sites and social networks.

Given the relative speed of fixed broadband lines in those days, many times users had the opportunity to go online and check for updates faster than on my phone to users laptop.

It is especially useful when you are moving and need information fast. Its always easier to prove a point or win an argument when you have Google embedded in the front of the screen of your phone.

Would be impractical to consider a plan for mobile broadband to get the most out of the N97 without bleeding your wallet dry slowly paying loads of data.

Science movements ? : The resistive touch technology, along with the Nokia software allows a very elegant combination. Sailing is not second nature, there are some obstacles in finding out exactly how the web browser.

One example is the zoom. There is a vertical tab that lets you zoom in and out, but at least initially, you're not sure what part of the website is to bring a.

Nokia is one of the easiest to use phones that you can buy. This model has stayed true to that. However, as more and more aggregate functions for phones like this, just takes longer to find what you want.

There were some errors in the software of N97 after liberation and the experience that made some pendants and other small problems. According to officials from Nokia, the shortcomings were addressed in the first software update is now available.

Wait, more .... :
Took countless photos and videos in the little time. With 32 GB of memory on board, Users never even thought about whether there was enough room for all of it. The camera is almost as good as it gets on a phone and the video quality is quite impressive.

Given this, it is surprising that the voice recorder was not nearly as high in terms of sound quality of recording that I thought it would be. Some recordings were quite dull.

The biggest disappointments were the speakers. Exit music (especially bass) leaves something to be desired and could barely do what the other person is saying when you turn on the loudspeaker at full volume.

That Nokia has packed too much on this phone and the speakers and, therefore, were more of a secondary (such as the removal of the back cover and battery).

Conclusion :
There is an inherent charm in the N97 that is inescapable. Placing it on a table and write an SMS to navigate over a fantastic landscape mode, everything was quite memorable as far as phones go.

Also, the price was quite reasonable given the trend with new versions of high-end devices and feature filling. This is not to say that although users consider cheap.

However, user can enjoyed a time with the phone and would recommend it to anyone looking for a powerful smartphone.

Pros: Unique tilt cellphone, great for browsing, excellent fusion of QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen technology.

Cons: Substandard speakers cumbersome battery cover.

N97 (Nokia) 3G Smartphone

Camera: 5 megapixel

Display: 3.5in (640 x 360 pixels)
Messaging: SMS, MMS, e-mail

Connectivity: WLAN, HSDPA, USB, Bluetooth

Memory: 32 GB of internal memory, MicroSD slot

Standby / talk time: 400 minutes hours/360

Dimensions: 55.3 x 15.9 x 117.2mm (W x D x H)

Other features: Widgets, A-GPS
- Intechclan


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