Monday, July 30, 2007

New Phenomena by AMD

The AMD product's is my favorite machine. Now AMD it's official release the new processor named the "Phenom" or AMD call its "true quad-core", probably in reference to the fact that all four cores are on die instead of having two dual-core processors shoehorned into a single package like those in Intel's current quad-core series.

The advantage of having four on die cores is that all the cores communicate with each other directly rather than having to go through the front side bus external to the processor, thus potentially reducing a data bottleneck.

The AMD Phenom processor, also feature integrated DDR2 memory controllers, HyperTransport technology links and 128-bit Floating Points Units (FPU).

The AMD, Phenom processor are expected to ship in the second half the year in the second half the year in both dual-core series, called the "Phenom X2" and Quadcore series call the "Phenom X4" & "Phenom FX"(High-end version).


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