Monday, July 30, 2007


1) Is YouTube really worth 1.65 billion dollars?
Opinions differ greatly over this issue. While some think it was crazy, renowned business journalists believe that, the deal was a bargain. Google itself is convinced worth that much otherwise we would not have paid so much money.

2) Will Google Video be merged with YouTube?
Google Video will continue to be as it is and will concentrate mainly on the search engine. You-Tube will go a step further and do what it does best Entertainment.

3) Is protection of minors an issue even in the case of portals such as You-Tube?
We do not wish to take on the role of a judge and sit in judgment on what is good and what is bad. Nevertheless, we do take into account the effective legal rules.

4) Any success in steering away from pornography?
There are several protection mechanisms, which filter both automatically and manually. We do not give details regarding this to avoid contents from evading this filter.

5) So why does this not work with copyrighted video clips?
It cannot be recognised as easily as nude scenes. If we are notified about such incidents, we will immediately remove the content.

6) We saw Saddam being hanged on YouTube -where do you draw the line?
Concerning this, we have received several reactions with differing opinions. However, we allow the video, since it serves as a historical document such as the assassination of the Kennedy brothers, for which there are also videos on YouTube.

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