Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm pasting Webpage in text.

When you copy the text from website,used standard copy & paste function often reproduces the data with its original formatting such as line breaks,photoslinks,font size,color and layout.

If you want to copy only the texts, try to paste it’s to a small open source & freeware application named “Hovtext”. Once installed, you just need to set hotkey of your choise as well as activate the relevant settings, such as setting it to active mode, as the application needs to run in the background to work.

After that, highlight and copy the text that you want from a web site as usual. Before pasting it to a word or outlook document, press the hotkey and you’re all set, this will remove any formatting and only the raw text will be pasted.

More interesting, you can paste only the relevant information that you need with “Hovtext’s” filter function. For instance, you can just paste e-mail addresses or embedded links only.



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