Sunday, July 29, 2007

Terabyte Hard disk

Key Features

Size: 3.5 inches

Capacities: 1 TB / 750 GB
Speed: 7,200 RPM
Interfaces: SATA 3.0 GB/s
Seek Time: 8.5 ms read 9.2 ms write
Legacy Drives: Hitachi IBM

Dekstar 7K1000 manufacture by Hitachi, is the first Hardware break into terabyte league. This High Capacity hard disk always Publish Postffers some problems as far as the loudness or speed are concerned. Average transfer rate for this hard disk of about 70MB per second and read and write access time of 14 and 6 milliseconds ,really impresses the lot of us.

Raptor hard disk by Western Digital with the maximum capacity of 150GB and 10,000 RPM are the only hard disk that are faster than this Dekstar 7K1000. The price for Dekstar 7K1000 is around 370 or approx. RM 1717. Wow… very expensive. With this price we can’t buy 3 unit of 500GB Hard disk and put it together…!!!!


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