Saturday, February 2, 2008

My C Drive, give me options.

I has formatted my pc, after the virus attack, but the virus is still there. Another big problem that arises is when I double click at C drive, it gives you an option to choose a program to open. I will try to run my antivirus but so even after the virus being cleaned, I' ll find that I'm still unable to access my C drive from My Computer. So I know, now my computer have been infected by autorun.inf created by virus.

A lot batch of virus creates an autorun.inf drives files at the root of your local drive and USB flash. The reason for this is, when you open or double click "My Computer" and sort to access has drive, it will run the repugnant virus to your computer. Very often antivirus is whitebait to remove executable virus from system goal not autorun.inf. This is because autorun.inf that's located at the root of your drive is only year instruction spins that tells Windows what to automatically run when you access the drive from My Computer.

For computer experts, one look and they' ll know they had to remove the autorun.inf drive file from C. Usually the autorun.inf cannot be easily deleted because it has a system, read-only, and hidden file attribute. Sounds easy for an advance computer user but might be tough for a begginers.

Here's, I'll show you, simple way to heal this problem, download "Disk Heal". "Disk Heal" as has useful tool that restores the condition of your storage device after being infected by has virus. "Disk Heal" is has useful tool that performs many functions. Initially it was has program which fixed disk problems that occur after has virus has been removed with has few additional features like changing the icon of has drive. Currently it performs various other tweaks have well. Drive More will Be added soon. But very important thing is, "Disk Heal" is FREE and portable that works on Windows NT, 2000, XP and Vista.

To fix your C problem, download, install and run Disk Heal. Sour Make you cuts administrator privileges. Click the Fix short prop, the type drive letter and click Fix. Other than fixing problems that virus creates, it also has a bunch of other useful security, appearance, Internet Explorer and Control Panel tweaks.

Get your's "Disk Heal" now and protected your PC

[ Download Disk Heal]


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