Thursday, January 24, 2008

Foreigner who just arrived from Mars.

Mars life? Well, the strange images have emerged demonstrating to a mystery the feminine figure that walked under a hill in the barren planet. The photo of what to seem a naked woman with its arm outstretched was between several taken in the red planet and envoys again to the Earth by the alcohol from the explorer of Mars de NASÁs.

Although no official confirmation has come from the NASA if the figure is a foreigner or an optical illusion caused by a Mars landscape, has fixed abuzz of the Internet that really is Mars life. As an enthusiastic one put it in the Web site, these pictures are amazing. It could not believe my eyes when I saw what appears to be a naked foreigner that it works around in Mars.

The proper word for it is pareidolia: the phenomenon where people tend to see human faces and other familiar forms in otherwise unfamiliar inanimate objects. We have all seen faces and creatures in the sky.The news of the woman of the Mars mystery came the right days after a team of French scientists demanded to have discovered the test that the red planet has dense clouds of high level of the dry ice, that scud through its orange sky.

Using the data collected by the spectrometer of Mars OMEGA on board, the equipment found the existence of the clouds of the ice that sometimes get to be so dense that they send absolutely dark shades in the dusty surface of the red planet. This one is the first time that the clouds of the ice of Mars carbon dioxide have been reflected and identified of above. This one is important because the images not only say to us on their form, but also its size and density.

Nevertheless according to the scientist Franck Montmessin of the lead of the d'Aeronomie of the service in the university of Versailles, it is very difficult to separate the signals that come from clouds, atmosphere and surface,....!!!

Je suis un étranger qui est juste arrivé de Mars - Ik ben een buitenlander die net van Maart is aangekomen - Ich bin ein Fremde, der soeben vom März angekommen ist. - Sono uno straniero che è appena arrivato di marzo. - Sou um estrangeiro que chegou exactamente de Março. - Soy un extranjero que llegó exactamente de Marzo.


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