Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My Streamyx Always Online

How to setup your streamyx line always online? Just follow this instructions :

1) Open your’s internet browser then type "" at URL , then click go or just hit enter button at your keyboard. (The modem must connect with this PC)

2) Then you will see this below page.

* Username: type “tmadmin”
* Password: type “tmadmin”

3) Go and click at the WAN Tab and click at PPP. Then set the new interface as:

* PPP interface = 0
* ATM VC = aal5-0
* Protocol = PPoE
* Use DNS = enable
* Security = PAP

3) Don’t forget to set your username as username@streamyx and also your TMNet Streamyx password. When done, click Submit.

4) Click on ATM VC and make sure interface are set as:

* aal5-0 VPI = 0
* VCI = 35
* Max proto = 2

After that, click on Admin and then commit, after that please reboot your computer. Once it’s done you should check your Internet connectivity by loading your favorite website.

If you’re unable to go to, please make sure that your PC IP is in the range of 192.168.x.x.

The End


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