Thursday, August 2, 2007

Downloader the latest nemesis.

Did you received suspicious email with the attachments such as bill from Amazon or eBay. Do you know the attachments files like this are very dangerous. Many online attacks are beginning to employ such tactics. The similarities of such attacks donate from the executable downloader which arrive in mail attachment such as “Zip” or “PDF” file.

A Double click on the does not run Winzip or Adobe reader, but executes a downloading process. This is how possible malware such as Trojans, Worms or Spyware sneaks into the PC.

Normally the anti-virus should have sounded the alarm, but the problem is that downloading a supposedly harmless file will not trigger anything. Its not damage the computer while modifying system files. It only does what is command to download the file from the internet.

The Anti-virus company, at present finding difficult to develop a solution. This because what the downloader downloads is basically yet another slightly modified downloader. The most insidious part about this is that even if the antivirus can be hard coded to ban a specific downloader, it will not recognized the second, third and following programs as they all unique.

When the downloader goes into action, disaster will start to unfold. Your are lucky if, it will only download spyware to your computer. But it more dangerous, if it install the botnet software to your computer. Your computer wrongly to gain unauthorized control by the hackers. The hackers then uses this computer as a distributor machine to spamming and may even resend that malicious email to your address book contacts.

Now the antivirus companies are working hard at finding the solutions. The Symantec, suggested the firewall of good security suites to block the downloader. However, it may not be able to capture all of them. Trend Micro is dealing with the issue by blacklisting popular websites which host malware. But the basic rules to dealing with this issue are “Please, never to open file attachments of suspicious mails….”


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