Wednesday, April 22, 2009

World record attempt for the longest LAN party

Cyberfusion Sudden Attack Tournament will be seeing some intense action as different teams from around the country blast their guns for more than 20,000RM worth of cash and prizes!The gamers who participated in Cyberfusion’s One Nation Cyberjaya world record attempt for the longest LAN party have succeeded in style. Supervised by officials from the Guinness World Records, Malaysia now officially holds the world record for longest LAN party.

Starting at midnight on Saturday and ending at 4pm on Sunday, 274 gamers played non-stop for 40 hours. The participants brought and boasted the power and superiority of their own computers while waiting in line to get registered. All players were given five minutes bathroom break per hour which can be accumulated according to the Guinness rules.

Many took full advantage of the rule to accumulate their breaks and used the time to sleep in their car.However, rumours of a player who did not take a single break in 40 hours could not be verified.

There were also a few who faltered or did not return within the stipulated time and were subsequently disqualified. The original plan was to break the record of 36 hours by an extra two which would have set the record at 38 hours. Just before the 38th hour mark, when the record had already been broken, the organisers asked the players if they could push on to 40. By a majority vote, they agreed buoyantly to continue.

With energy drinks strewn all over the floor and sleep deprived gamers sluggishly walking to the exits, some still had the energy to talk about what this means for Malaysian gaming.

Eighteen-year-old student Ng Yun Bin, who was playing a variety of games including DotA and Left 4 Dead, said Malaysian gaming will certainly benefit from this. “Malaysia is already quite good in many games and we have many events here already,” said Ng. “This record will give us even more exposure and more events will be held here.”

Some players even came in pairs. Two students, 23-year-old Ansarul Iqmal Roslan and 22-year-old Nurul Nisa Omar are a couple who decided to be part of the record together.

“I’ve loved gaming since I was a kid so this was not that hard for me,” said Ansarul.

“I think more gaming companies will want to have events in Malaysia after this which is great.”

He also appreciated having his girlfriend with him to keep him company, especially since she is not a passionate gamer like him.

This party prizes is :

o Champion: RM 8,000 + Sapphire ATI Graphic Cards + In-Game Items
o 2nd Placing: RM 5,000 + In-Game Items
o 3rd Placing: RM 3,000 + In-Game Items
o 4th Placing: RM 2,000 + In-Game Items
o 5th Placing: RM 1,500 + In-Game Items
o 6th Placing: RM 1,000 + In-Game Items
o 7th Placing: RM 500 + In-Game Items
o 8th Placing: RM 300 + In-Game Items

AMD and Cyberview Sdn Bhd marked the occasion as a success. Managing director of Cyberview Datuk Redza Rafiq said that the record attempt along with the other competitions held at Cyberfusion will serve as the catalyst for Malaysia’s bid to host the 2010 World Cyber Games Asian Championship.Cyberfusion, organised by Cyberview Sdn Bhd and AMD, was held at Multimedia University (MMU) in Cyberjaya.


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