Sunday, May 4, 2008

Private Number Plates For Your Fame

The first number plate issued was A1 just over one hundred years ago in 1903.In those days A1 would have cost nothing but a small registration fee.A1, arguably the most prestigious number plate ever released, was issued back in 1903 when the Motor Car Act 1903 was introduced. Now Private Number Plates have become increasingly popular amongst the younger motorist, this may be due to the more affordable release of the prefix range.

Northumbria Numbers have supplied thousands of motorists with their perfect registration number by providing access to the complete range of number plate formats available. Northumbria Numbers has one of the most comprehensive databases of personal number plates in the country.There are Private Number Plates out there for everyone.Your just entered the Northumbria Numbers website then, just enter your initials, name, car make or whatever into the search box after thar its wil produce the best results of Private Number Plate.

Northumbria Numbers probably the best value Private Number Plates and personalised car registrations on the internet. Search a millions of cherished car Private Number Plates, and get one for your fame...!!!.

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