Tuesday, December 4, 2007

International Robot Exhibition (IREX) 2007

In recent years, robot technologies have widely been utilized in both industrial/manufacturing field and our domestic life. Industrial robots play vital roles for manufacturing automobiles, semi-conductors etc., while service robots are gradually involving in health care, entertainment, security/patrol, and building maintenance services.

International Robot Exhibition (IREX) 2007 (17th edition this time) will be organized during November 28-December 1, 2007 at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan. International Robot Exhibition, organized every alternate year since 1973 and is widely recognized in Japan and overseas.

Features of the Exhibition

  1. The world's largest trade show focusing on robotics.
  2. New technology and products related to robots.
  3. many visitors including robot-related experts and engineers, users in the fields of electric/electronic engineering, machine/tool, and automobiles. Special events, seminars, and forums, with highly professional contents will be organized simultaneously.

Scope of Exhibits

Manufacturing robots
Press Plastic molding Casting Painting
Palletizing and depalletizing Welding Transport
Machining Assembly Material handling
Measuring, inspecting and testing
Micro-robots and micro-machine system for manufacturing
Robot simulation and vision system
Simulation system, simulation software, robot instruction system, various digital production system-related equipment, etc.
Image processing equipment, illuminator, light source, CCD camera, micro-camera, lens, image recognition equipment, measurement and analysis equipment, image processing software, sensor, machine vision (monitoring system)

Related equipment and device / element equipment
Electronic control equipment Hydraulic machinery
Measuring instrument Computer for control Motor Actuator
Sensor Transport mechanism Jig Gear/screw Joint
Cable Connector Reducer End effect
Robot design, recoqnition technology Component CAD
CAM ●CAE Other FA equipment
Non-manufacturing robots
Maintenance : inspection, repair, others
Home automation (cleaning, security)
Life assistance : for medical and welfare use
Entertainment robots, personal robots : hobby, communication, healing, general-purpose platform, others
2-leg walking robots ●Other service robots and personal robots
Special zone [RT(robot Technology) plaza]
This special zone is designed to introduce robots under development at universities and public research institutes, promoting collaboration among industrial, academic and governmental sectors. Demonstrations are also planned.
Special zone [RT(robot maching session]
Exhibition and presentation of parts supplier and Robot manufacturer.
Special zone [Micro factory demonstration corner]
Miniture manufacturing system


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