Tuesday, December 25, 2007

How Do You Save Your Data Forever?

Data backup is a must and Pc user all over agree to this. How ever, many repress the subject of a long-term archiving since it demands disciplince and expertise. Below gives you low down on how you can save photos, movies and documents for decades.

  • Relevance : The more data you archive, higher the chance of you losing of it one day. Therefore, sort out you data well and only save that information which you really need in future and which according to you is irrecoverable. Thus this reduces the data traffic and archiving is easier.
  • Redurancy: Even if appears to be annoyingly irritating, always save you archived data on several media. Ideally, you should select an external hard disk as an additional backup. In addition, save you most elementary data with a service provider of online memory. For photographs, the best option is to stick to memory cards, The way, you always have a functionally competent backup if the photographs are lost in your pc...... the others ways just to upload your photo at free imej hosting site, such as photopages, photobuckets, image shack.us etc.
  • Migration : Copy your backups on new media in regular intervals. with this move, you not only reduce the failure rate but also ensure that in future you have an access to reader you medium. Even today it's very difficult to read 5.25 inch-floppies. This is not because they are no longer readable, but because the are hardly any reading hard disk.
  • Intergrity : Reguarly check you existing backup for depandability. In case of hard disk, programs that read the smart information of the disk are quite helpful. In case of CDs/DVDs, programs such as "CD check" are available, which check bit for bit to see whether the disk is still entirely readable. If any errors are found, then the best option is to migrate your data to a new medium.
  • Quality : Never, under any curcumstances, use cheapest disk or hard drives in the market. Most of the time, if not always, reasonable prices are a result of heavy economizing in the production. For archiving on a CD, the best option is to opt for branded blank Cds with golden refletion layer, for archiving on DVDs go for DVD-RAM media, if posible. You can save hard disk backups on slow rotating models with 5,400 revolutions per minutes.


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