Friday, August 10, 2007

5 free tips: Avoid from Spammer

Spam is a daily nuisance for all of us.There are dozens of programs available for fighting spam. The major problem is that most of these programs cost money. But below we have 5 different free tips to fighting the spam :

1. Don't give out your personal e-mail address. This is stating the obvious but it's the first big mistake people make. DO NOT use your personal e-mail address for sign up forms, competitions, surveys or any other nonsense that may result in you being spammed. It's much easier to prevent spam, by never giving out your personal e-mail address, than it is to cure the problem once you're on 100's of junk e-mail lists.

2. Sign-up free e-mail account. Set yourself up with a Gmail,Hotmail, Yahoo or any other free e-mail account and use it as a spam holder account i.e. use it on all those popups or sign up forms that you *suspect* may try to spam you. You can then periodically check your free e-mail account for both legitimate and spam e-mail and delete the rubbish you don't want.

3. Use a disposable email address You could also try a disposable e-mail address at spamgourmet. Once you've registered, your forwarding e-mail address (your personal email address) with them you can then create self-destructing e-mail addresses that stop working after receiving a specific number of e-mails.

4. Use a free spam filter. Unfortunately even when you follow all the correct steps you can still wind up getting junk e-mail. There's only solution at that point - install a spam filter on your PC. The best free spam filter I've come across so far is Mailwasher. An excellent program that won't cost you a cents.

5. Spammers love newsgroups and forums. They especially love the way people post their personal email addresses there. It doesn't matter if it's a paid, private or free forum spammers have their harvester programs hunting for email addresses every minute of every day. If you have to post your email address then you just use the e-mail created for junks.

Spammers can harvest 35,000 email addresses per hour from newsgroups and forums - don't let your email address become one of those. I can show you, how the spammer simply, get your e-mail from the web, but... see you at my another posting.... :0)


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